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useful links

the tech - the tech museum of innovation

profanisaurus - viz mzgazine's dictionary of offensive terms

lookup - reverse phone directory
whitepages - australian phone directory
yellowpages - australian business phone directory
translations - translation service
tv - tv
dictionary - online dictionary
wierd dictionary - online weird dictionary
maps - australian street maps
postcodes - australian post code finder
zzz - brisbane community based fm radio station
jjj - australian national youth radio network live

map of australia - map of australia

internetweather - weather report for the internet

web links

electronic frontier foundation - electronic privacy and other issues
world wide web consortium - keeping web standards up to date
userfriendly - a humourous tech based cartoon
slashdot - tech discussion and news
internet public library - the public library of the internet
webreference - the webmaster's reference library
internet - internet resources
webrings - the starting point for all webrings
webcams - links to randomn webcams
mlk - a photographer's site

browser archive - an archive of old web browsers
idocs - idocs guide to html
wrinkle in time - the first 24 hours of 2000
lies - dave's web of lies
mcspotlight - anti mcdonald's news
acronyms - acronym finder
natural language natural language question answering system
fucked - official lubricant of the new economy

ping - the story of ping

chats - web to irc gateway