Malcolm Enright designer - arresting human intelligence

Barbara Heath - jeweller to the lost

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Commission List 2002 .pdf-large (the thank you is in the mail)

Commission List 2002 .pdf-small (the thank you is in the mail)

Bh image in Brisbane News November 2002

Barbara Heath Christmas 2002 Studio Sale Invite

Macpherson art to Christies and returned to sender

Whale watching from the Gorge, Point Lookout

Straddie shot for Bill Shaman in NYC

Leaving Surprise Rock (Rick is over the edge)

Rick visits Ken Hiratsuka's sculpture at Surprise Rock, Binna Burra

Rainforest walk with Rick

Rick Meyerowitz meets John Howard (and then stays with us)

Visible Darkness group show - graphics by mal E

Visibla darkness - Barbara's Apsara's Necklet

Bunch's training card done by mal E

Barbara's Public Artwork at Mooloolaba TAFE - paper model

Barbara's Public Artwork at Mooloolaba TAFE - site plan

Barbara's Public Artwork at Mooloolaba TAFE - scaled metal model

Barbara (the maker) & Kirsti Simpson (the patron) @ Craft Qld-Barbara's artist statement

Barbara/malE/Russell Hall do tricky signage for Logan TAFE

Farewell Dimitar Bianco Bh jeweller 2001 –2002

Winter Solstice 2002 (.gif animation 770.k)

Christies Australia offers x11 works from Enright Contemporary Collection

John Watermann farewell 8-6-2002

John Watermann Inseparable (then & now)

John Watermann's favourite poem

2 of John Watermann's last bits (hi-res)

Graphic for "the clock man" - Paul Jones

Snaps for Willy - Late 1920s Persian carpet for sale

Seven shots from Tucson for PC users

Seven shots from Tucson for Mac users

Tucson & Return 4-2 to 22-2-2002

Makers Mark Christmas Catalogue 2001 (we made the cover)!

Barbara's Studio Sale this weekend 8th & 9th December 2001

Drive and drop jewells to Makers Mark August 2001

'Horizontal Domain' Version 1 .pdf slideshow - artist book 20-7-2001

'Horizontal Domain' Version 2 .pdf slideshow - artist book 20-7-2001

'Horizontal Domain' Version 1 flash slideshow - artist book 20-7-2001

'Horizontal Domain' Version 2 flash slideshow - artist book 20-7-2001

July is Birthday time for lots of (us) crabs!

Barb's recent advert in Brisbane News

Winter Solstice 2001 snake year shots

Barbara breaks bone in her hand this week

Special offer on artist book by Malcolm Enright

Kylie's .pdf page one

Kylie's .pdf page two

10 critics x 10 countries = 100 architects (Bh images/Donovan Hill building)

Serpents rule for this new lunar year (starting Thursday)

Barb's work and Johns paintings-part five

Barb's work and Johns paintings-part four

Barb's work and Johns paintings-part three

Barb's work and Johns paintings-part two

Barb's work and Johns paintings-part one

Badge One - Buster Brown (large)

Badge Two - Buster Brown (small)

Badge Three - Dayv Crockett

Badge Four - Good Night!

Badge Five - Jac Coogan

Badge Six - Joan Caufield

Badge Seven - Willian Hart

Badge Eight - Phillip Morris

Badge Nine - Son Of Flicka

Badge Ten - Superman

Badge Eleven - Sweeny

Badge Twelve - Tarzan

Badge Thirteen - Mickey & Minnie

Flash intro for Barbara's next show at Andrew Baker Art Dealer

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max gimblett in NYC asked to see this skull pin

Barbara made this skull token also (for me)

granite belt image 1

granite belt image 2

granite belt image 3

granite belt image 4

granite belt image 5

granite belt image 6

last gst-free sunset in Australia

bon fire shot

solstice shot of our sun

solstice bon-fire notice

from Rick Meyerowitz in n.y.c for vrt systems (here)

Barbara's next show (with John Nelson) @ Andrew Baker's Gallery

P lough Inn / Hansen clan get-together

Sue Smith article on Barbara

Malcolm mentioned in fashion list!

Barbara's new sculpture April 2000

new sculpture shot#2 April 2000

new sculpture shot#3 April 2000

new sculpture shot#4 April 2000

new sculpture shot#5 April 2000

new sculpture shot #7 April 2000

malE Workstation (sold)

Tucson & Stanford 2000

Lil's 21st Birthday

Message to quest

Interested in a yoga class?

marking the 21st century?

merry Christmas to everyone!

Xmas break-up picnic

Next Wednesday!

Julia Ross' article in Bris News

Rhana opens little birdie show

Rhana's text

Howie Friedler message

. . . second message

Republic Referendum

Aust Council Brooch

Mecca Xmas one

Mecca Xmas tw0

Tin toy for sale

Bird on a wing / Craft Qld gallery promo

a tree a rock and a cloud / Central Plaza 2

Japan Tour Sept-Oct 1999

52 jewels

Net / Neville Bonner building

Net / Brisbane News

Read (red) stump #2

Jewel Magazine Full page

The new bird called Mary

San Francisco in June

(one) of Howard Friedler's Statements

Urban Archeaology Business Card

Happy new Fin Year 98/99

Makers Mark Update June 1999

Winter Solstice 1999

U.A.M. gift of artwork

Our postcard from Sedona USA

Test Pattern

Augury Idea

Message to Alex

Message to John in Sydney (openers for sale)