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wolfram's book


the george w girls

tugboat - an incredible sequence of images of a tugboat & a bridge

dov v ms - Comments on the United States v. Microsoft Settlement Provided to the Court on February 14, 2002

dsd spies - the howard governemt illegally spied on phone calls relating to the MV Tampa for their own political gains

living on mars - what it takes to live on mars

tv addiction scientific american article about tv addiction

earth and moon

mars odyssey takes a snapshot of home
at this scale Sol is 30 metres away and Rigil Kentaurus is 8130km away

zoom in on earth - large quicktime movies zooming in on various american cities

ginger - speculative article on what became this

uss hornet - the aircraft carrier that brought the apollo 11 astronauts home

ASTP+25 - apollo soyuz test project 25th anniversary

water on mars? - evidence of water on mars?

spectacular atlas-3 Launch - great launch videos

mets - how mir could have been boosted to higher orbit using no propellant

apollo 11 - my 30th anniversary apollo 11 page