Diamond Ring


I only wear Barbara's work

I only sell her jewellery in my store

I support her commission work, passionately

but I can't bear to live without my ring

for one day, let alone the duration

of this exhibition.

Sara Power


Platinum is the most precious of the precious metals, outstripping gold in price by 60%. It is purer, stronger and heavier than gold but also less well known. Because the metal has a terrifically high melting point and requires special equipment to work it at all, it has remained aloof from exploitation and excess. When the Spaniards arrived to colonise Colombia in the 16th century it is highly probable that they found platinum, but it was to be three centuries before the metal was sufficiently understood for its potential to be fully realised.

the brief - one ring will suffice as engagement and wedding ring as long as it has style, glamour and a serious diamond! The client described a clear preference for white metal, a spare aesthetic and romantic symbolism.

The form of the ring as a single endless loop evokes two pairs of arms entwined.

the materials - platinum, diamond 2ct (F colour/VVS).

Barbara Heath


please email barby@co-opones.to for more info

1997-2001 Barbara Heath