Form = Bliss



Come, let's talk to each other

Through the Soul,

Saying things secret to the eyes and ears.

Let's smile like a rose garden

Without lips and teeth.

Let's converse through thoughts

Without tongues or lips.

Let's tell all the secrets

Of the world until the end

Without opening our mouth,

Like divine intellect.

Some can only understand

By listening and by looking at mouths.

Let's stay out of their tent.

Nobody talks aloud to themselves.

Since all of us are one,

Let's talk that way.

How can you tell your hand, "Touch"?

Since all hands are one,

Let's talk that way.

Hands and feet know what the Soul wants.

Let's shut our mouth and talk through our Soul.

The Soul knows fate, step by step.

If you want, I'll give you examples.

Selected verse from Divan-i Kebir

by Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi



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1997-2001 Barbara Heath