Gold Vessel Necklace



Gold sits benignly on the periodic table of elements as symbol Au, atomic number 79; the rare, the lustrous, the un-corrodible metal so intimately/bitterly linked with the history of the human race.

Fact - if all the gold ever mined, ever wrought into treasures since pre-history were melted into a single ingot, there would only be enough to fill a tennis court (cubically speaking).

That being so... ...what history is in this ingot I'm given to work... it virgin metal?, or are there traces here of plunder, treachery and bribes. Perhaps famously lost artefacts slumped here or once keenly felt sentiments were erased, as lovers rings fused again into orouboric atomic number 79?


This piece of jewellery was
for a sixtieth birthday present from
a husband and family.

The brief - discussions between the designer and family members concentrated on the woman's role as a close mother who also had interests in tribal art and patchwork.

These interests helped evolve the design of the pendant which represents the vessel, a carrier of water which parallels the mother as carrier of life.

The commission became a project in which each member of the family played a part, from the delivery of the gold, opinions on design, collection and secrecy until the special day.

The materials - gold ingots from a long held family investment would be transformed from their bank vault slumber.

Barbara Heath


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1997-2001 Barbara Heath