Fertility Charm


We had very serious fertility problems and were beginning to despair that we would ever be successful in having a baby.

Remo, behind my back, went to Barbara to commission this piece to, I guess cheer me up and probably felt that a little bit of magic wouldn't go astray!

Basically the brief from Remo for the pendant was very open. Essentially it had to work!

The pendant was well and truly on its way when I discovered that I was pregnant, which I had been several times but this was the one that worked.

The result of Barbara's mystical ways is that we have a beautiful (miracle) baby girl called Lola who is now 2 1/4.

Melanie Guiffre

Re: the fertility charm: I gave Barbara total freedom on this brief.

(Just told her that it had to work.)

She had been wanting to use seed pearls in something for some time; and the paisley shape was also her idea.

Remo Guiffre


By the time someone voices a request, an idea has become manifest. Like an invocation, words direct energies to their purpose.

Symbols are an approach to the sacred, as they represent common ideas and feelings from the whole of human existence, and fundamental concepts about all of existence. When you are determining the symbols to use in a ritual, you are not only choosing things and acts that have a personal meaning for you, but perhaps unknown to you, the choices you make are likely to be tapping into a greater and more profound history that is accessible through your own unconscious.*

*Beck and Metrick, The Art of Ritual


The famous Paisley pattern is based on the symbol of a new unfurling leaf - symbolic of fertility, growth and renewal, green leaves depict hope. While the pearl, once thought to be the result of lightening penetrating the oyster, was regarded as the union of both fire and water, both fecundating forces, denoting birth, rebirth and fertility.

Barbara Heath


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1997-2001 Barbara Heath