Engagement Bangle


the brief - the request was stated, an engagement token was needed. The client has a sense of the ridiculous and felt that there was something faintly hilarious about becoming 'engaged' (a state more akin to the dewy eyed teens?). This long and circuitous romance had stretched over a number of years, long after their contemporaries had matched and hatched.

the client also noted that she really didn't wear jewellery! But here she was and what could be done?

later, some materials of 'heirloom' sentiment surfaced and these formed the basis of the resolve... ...we'd shift the token from its usual location and move the focus to the wrist of the left hand - an engagement bangle.



Now several years later the bangle, that ever present device, has often led her attention away from that boring meeting into daydream, that's when the bangle wearer seeks new tokens for fresh personal turning points, already Baby William's charm spins around the gold ring and still there's room for much, much more... ...what small monuments are these swirling in the mists of her crystal ball?

Barbara Heath


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1997-2001 Barbara Heath