Lets call it a diary



As a young woman she was given a modest
sum of money and a ticket on an ocean cruise.
1962 -with a fresh face and light step,
a Western girl seeking Eastern adventure.
She climbs the temple stairs - the mystic with practiced words evokes both the history
of the gem in the ring, which he
now holds out in his hand,
and foretells her future ...

Here they are - the first 'magical' gem, the string of coral from Hawaii, the trinkets from dear ones, pearlshell from Broome, amethyst from Brazil, the loaded memento linked alongside the vaguely regretted choices. Ships, travel, stories - now half a life lived (the mystic's words still in her ear ... )

the brief - a box of collected treasures. Sentiment and material, the one inextricably enmeshed with the other. I listen and the wearer of the jewel speaks (has all of the story been told?)

the materials -they keep their secrets too.

Barbara Heath


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1997-2001 Barbara Heath