From the Dreamer...



My client recalled a dream in which he held a ring, set with three round gems. In the dream the ring had a luminous quality and it embodied a fine energy - when he woke it was with a feeling of great joy.

This is an object for the future. For that time when the forces are ripe for gathering together. It has an unknown wearer - although that person now speaks and breathes. That point in time exists already, and that place too - their intersection is inevitable.

The king approaches his temple,

It furthers one to bring even a small offering.


the brief - the ring should represent love and also the future. The ring should have three round stones, the metalwork should be discrete, secondary to the gems. Not a rich coloured gold, more cool a grey, dull lustre. The finger size?

Ruby - regenerates the heart, strengthens intuition and initiative in thinking. Imparts courage and passion.

Zircon - strengthens the mind. Emotional balance.

Barbara Heath


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1997-2001 Barbara Heath