Esoteric Negative Ring


'I hadn't had the ring very long and I was at the beach, the moment I dived into the surf I felt the ring slip off my hand. I surfaced and dived again, I couldn't see but grabbed a handful of sand from the bottom...........the ring was in that handful of sand!! King Neptune's test?


'A form is not only a geometric figure or a diagram, but a structure to induce and carry a particular pattern of thoughts and forces. To enter this form is to enter its "thought". To enter this form is to register the impact of that force which form creates. It is a field of energy. To be able to read the language of form is to learn the secret of the universe'. 1

1 Ancient Sound (1925) Paul Klee

the brief - the ring should have an invisible quality, containment. Negative attracts positive.
The planet Venus.

the materials - Shakudo - one of several important copper alloys used in the arts in Japan. Each of these alloys has its own character and is subtly different from others, a condition appreciated by the Japanese who have acquired the ability of discerning such differences. Shakudo is esteemed because its composition provides it with the ability to acquire various patinas ranging in colour from a unique reddish brown to a bluish black or velvety black. Shakudo was widely used for sword mountings, decorative metalwork, and for casting sacred images.2

2 Jewellery, Concepts and Technology. Oppi Untracht


The shakudo alloy in this ring is 97% copper 3% gold. Copper is the metal of Venus.

Barbara Heath


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1997-2001 Barbara Heath