Liberty Ring


do it - an exhibition curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist.

12 international artists wrote instructions for 12 pieces/installations/concepts (one by each artist).

Another12 artists effect these 12 works according to their own interpretation and vision of the original instructions.

This exhibition was realised in Brisbane at the IMA February 1996.

For myself and Jeremy Hynes, an artist working in performance/installation the instructions were from German artist Maria Eichorn; cast a silver ring and lose it in the street.

I rolled the edge of a Mexican coin into soft wax, leaving the partial inscription ' LIBERTAD' as raised text around the ring. I cast the ring and gave it to Jeremy Hynes to 'lose'.

He had made arrangements to climb the story bridge in order to carry out his half of the instructions. At the exhibition I watched on video as Liberty Ring rested amongst the riveted steel foreground of a panoramic view of Brisbane. (How final a losing this one was, there would be no chance of anyone making a lucky find at the bottom of the Brisbane river.)

Six months later I sat across the table from him at a friends house, as I absently noticed a plainish ring on his hand he laughed and remarked 'no one said when I had to lose it'.

 the brief - cast a silver ring and lose it in the street

the materials - silver ring, 5 grams, 5.5 x 23mm diameter, size S. Embossed lettering around band reads 'Y LIBERTAD' (reversed l. to r.) Marked inside band with makers mark BH and silver quality mark 925.

Barbara Heath


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1997-2001 Barbara Heath