Skulls Love Token



Despite its' ubiquitous nature the skull is a powerful symbol, representing the transitoriness of life and the vanity of worldly things.

It is the supreme memento mori (remember you must die), yet the skull also symbolises that life force contained within the head. As that which remains behind, it reminds us of life and transmutation.


'Look on this daily, focus in on this
each day (how many days?) breathing in,
breathing out - as you wear the floorboards down a little more each day. Place it just exactly there, it must not be too low or high, don't stoop or stretch,have it right on your line of sight.'

the brief - make something personal for Malcolm that used his Guatemalan skull.

The skulls are cast from an original silver skull charm purchased in New York. This love token is the third in a series of objects made for Malcolm which utilise materials from his collection.

Barbara Heath


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1997-2001 Barbara Heath